Thinning hair is an emotionally devastating experience that hurts both men and women.

It can be caused by several factors from environment, stress, poor nutrition, medication, health and genetics.

In Salon & At Home Treatments

  • Treatment Services

    Our nourished rich products help block DHT that aid in thinning hair.

  • Treatment Products

    Our deep cleaning products help to exfoliate the scalp removing dead cells and promoting new hair growth.

  • Re-Growth Program

    We have 3 and 6 month programs or a 1 year program recommended by the condition, length of time and diagnosis of hair loss.

If you are uncertain of the cause for your hair thinning, we can help you narrow down possible factors that contribute to hair loss.

In many cases, it is possible re-grow your hair, reduce hair loss, or maintain your current hair density.

Hair Thinning Treatments and Re-Growth Programs
3 Month Re-Growth Program
Beginning / Initial Hair Loss Treatment Our three month program are for clients who have recently (less than 1 year) been experiencing unusual hair shedding. We want to help you strengthen your hair follicles and promote hair growth.    
6 Month Re-Growth Program
Moderate Hair Loss Treatment The 6-month program are for clients who have experienced shedding for longer than a year and are starting to see signs of thinning hair. The package includes all the aspects of package one and two additional treatments in salon treatments. The products in the package are also different based on the fact that there are more factors affecting your hair.    
1-Year Re-Growth Program
Advanced / Severe Hair Loss Treatment The 1- year package includes all the benefits of the other two packages and is designed to work with people who have severe hair. A long-term multi treatment is needed to help you re-grow your hair and maintain what you already have.