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Wigs & Hair Growth Kits

Wig Kits

Everything you need to maintain your wigs
We have put together everything you’re going to need to help you take care of your wigs. The kit includes hair bands, a wig stand, a wig cap, styling makeup clips, and a boar bristle brush all in an easy carry-on bag. See care recommendations for additional products.

Hair Growth Kits

Natural hair growth based products
We have selected natural hair growth-based products to keep your scalp healthy and promote hair growth. The products we recommend we use in the salon with all our clients that have hair issues to strengthen their roots and keep their scalp healthy. A healthy, well-nourished scalp promotes hair growth. Please select based on your hair texture our recommended kits and our special instructions for different hair types.
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Training Available

We provide professional training opportunities and special pricing for licensed hair stylists.